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History & Ethos

Orangedrop Design was born in Caerphilly 2009. We're a Website design, branding & design studio now based in Newport South Wales. We make a positive impact in helping others achieve through utilising a clean and consistent design approach.

We believe that all businesses, freelancers and services deserve a look that represents them and what they stand for. We have a strong passion for all things creative and continuously strive to produce quality rich and engaging results.

We like our clients to consider us long-term creative partners with their best interest at heart. We enjoy learning about people, what drives them and where they want to go. Using researched, intelligent and reasoned design we help individuals and businesses achieve their dreams, goals and aspirations.

Gavin Llyr Preece owner and creative Director of Orangedrop Newport South Wales

Gavin Preece
founded Orangedrop Design in 2009 to offer Website design, branding & design services in and around Newport South Wales. Gavin is driven by his passion to deliver well designed end user experiences.

Fresh As You Like – Website design, branding & design

Custom WordPress Development

At Orangedrop we create, we design, we inspire and make the future happen. WordPress is our platform of choice and we have been bringing Websites to life powered by this content management system (CMS) for more than 6 years. Our Director has been working with WordPress since it's initial release back in 2003 and is a regular contributor to the WordPress eco system.

We specialise in producing custom built WordPress Websites that combine clean succinct code alongside sleek and elegant design. From simplistic business card type Websites through to multimedia and E-commerce, our team can bring your vision to life . All of our Websites are designed and developed in line with best practice coding standards as dictated by W3 and WordPress .

Business Branding

There is nothing we enjoy more than making you stand out from the crowd. Selfish? We know! Image is key to continuing to thrive within your chosen marketplace. We work alongside you, getting to know your market, customer base and what drives your business. Great branding and great presence comes from a well-planned strategy. Utilising a clean and consistent design approach we will help make your ideas a reality.

Building a brand from the ground up is more than just producing a logo mark. In this digital age of social media, likes & tweets it's important that we use good design to deliver an idea that elevates the human experience. We will plan and strategise this process ensuring the outcome truly defines you.

Our Work

Orangedrop Design Newport have designed and developed an array() of WordPress Websites and business brands for companies and organisations based in South Wales. You can view some of our brand designs and Website designs below.

Our Working Process

Once you have made initial contact with us we begin to build an image of you, your company and design needs. It's important that we gather as much information as possible to ensure we can meet your requirments.

The next step is to arrange a convenient meeting in order to introduce the design brief. The design brief is a comprehensive document that asks a wide range of questions. It helps us obtain a full and rounded picture of you, your likes, dislikes as well as information regarding your sector and marketplace. All clients’ needs are individual and therefore applying a flat rate costing model just simply doesn’t work. We cost projects on a client-to-client basis, taken from what you have communicated to us, we will furnish you with a detailed proposal of works.

Timescales vary from project to project depending on the nature of the work undertaken. The average working time for a Website build is 4 - 8 weeks. And the average working time for a branding exercise is 6 - 8 weeks. Once you have agreed the proposal we will furnish you with a detailed timeline and scope of works highlighting the key milestones along the way. This timeline will assist you in keeping track of the project and when elements are due for completion. Once we begin your project we will hold regular meetings and feedback sessions at our studio in Newport.

Once your project is complete, we prepare the relevant paperwork for sign off and can assist you in planning the roll-out of your brand identity.

Selection of Our Clients

Despite being located in the Newport South Wales region, our fingerprints can be found far beyond the Welsh shores. Orangedrop Design currently support a number of agencies with higher level WordPress development. In fact we support agencies and individuals all over the UK, America, Hong Kong and New Zealand. Working within different countries and with a wide range of nationalities, we fully embrace diversity and add a touch of Welsh flair to everything we do.

Coffee is cheap, talk is free! Do you have a project you would like to discuss with us?

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