Celandine Monmouth Website Re-Design

Website design / development & stationary redesign

Celandine Monmouth website design on MacBook retina

The Brief

We were approached by Celandine Monmouth to redesign their existing Website. The Website was a static build in desperate need of care, love and attention. Celandine were eager to drive more traffic to to their online profile, whilst delivering a fresh and professional image.

The Design

Annie, the owner and Director at Celandine is a lover of the arts. This provided us with the opportunity to work with some stunning imagery. Trying to break the mould of the tedious and corporate financial sector, Celandine were keen to offer customers a fresh financial online experience.

Celandine Monmouth Gill Sans font for Website design
Celandine Monmouth stationary set designed by Orangedrop

The Summary

We continue to work alongside and support Celandine whenever our services are required. We have designed both stationary sets and magazine advertisements on their behalf and look forward to supporting them further in the future.

You can view the site by following the link below:

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