The Health & Serenity Spa Newport

Website design / development & branding

Health and Serenity Spa Newport Logo on white background design by Orangedrop

Overview of Project

We have been working with the Health and Serenity Spa Newport for many years. We were initially contacted by the Director looking to engage with us to complete a Website evaluation. It was felt that their existing Website didn’t cater well to the needs of the end user and lacked the clean, fresh and airy feeling which is felt at the spa. It was the hope of the Director to bring the essence of the spa to the Web and entice new custom.

The Brief

The Director was very specific during the brief and the site had to meet the following criteria:

  • 1 – Be functional
  • 2 – Be clean
  • 3 – Be crisp
  • 4 – Be fresh
  • 5 – Be elegant
  • 6 – Be stylish

We set to work on producing a strong business brand identity for the spa and their hair studio Hepburns.

Hepburns Newport product and logo design on packaging
Health and Serenity Spa Newport Brochure Image

The Summary

The feedback since Website launch has been amazing. Profitability is up and the spa now engage with us as their creative partners for all manner of promotional campaigns.

You can view the site by following the link below:

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