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Your Care Compare Logos

The Brief

We were tasked by a provider from Preston to design and develop a new brand identity for a startup venture. The business is targeted at parents looking to source and evaluate nursery providers throughout the UK. The branding brief was to produce something simple and vibrant with a modern look and feeling that encapsulated their core values.

The Branding

Many ideas were explored following the initial phase market research. The play on heart and hand holding was the theme chosen by the initial panel which was refined and finally agreed following a secondary viewing. Feedback from the research noted that the mark instilled a sense of honesty and trust. The Your Care Compare logo mark has since been registered as a trademarked.

Your Care Compare Logo design on linen background
Your Care Compare Typography and Colours

The Summary

The Website project is now nearing completion and we eagerly await a launch date. Following much contemplation it was decided that for the success and future growth of this business model, WordPress was not the best option. Adobe Business Catalyst was chosen for it’s power, flexibility and suite of business marketing tools.